1. "the bicephallic Eagle, derive from serbian signs of statehood."

    LOL. The level of ignorance in some Serbs is unbelievable. Albanians have used that emblem since Phyrrus of Epirus over 2,300 years ago! The same emblem was later adopted by Gjergj Kastrioti (Skanderbeg), who called himself the King of Epirotes or King of Albanians. The double-headed eagle has been used by the Byzantine Empire (who took it from the Hittites of Anatolia) and also by the Western Holy Roman Empire.
    The question is where did Serbs get it and who did they copy it from? LOL.

    "You don't even have an own name for our southern province!"
    We do, retard, it's called Dardania, derived from Dardha in Albanian.

    "You have no history in Kosovo"
    Almost all history in Kosovo belongs to us, almost nothing belongs to you. Even those old Orthodox churches you claim were 90% built centuries before Serbs came to the Balkans. Christianity in Dardania had 1,000 years of history before the short-lived (100-150 years) Serbian rule. Serbs did build a handful of churches, but mostly they painted Cyrillic letters over existing Illyrian Byzantine (Orthodox) and Catholic churches.
    I don't know what propaganda they feed you in Serbia, but the original construction dates of the churches/monasteries was even stated in the official documents that the Serbian Institute of Monuments submitted to UNESCO for the 4 most important churches/monasteries. Go online and educate yourself, read them!
    (Genti, 15 December 2018 18:34)

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  2. @Genti:

    If these churches are motiviert serbian but albanian, and "built before the Serbs came"... why are you Albanians burning them down then?

    Filthy albanian propaganda-lies.

    You have no history in Kosovo, and you know that.
    You don't even have an own name for our southern province!

    Last but not least, even your state Symbols, the bicephallic Eagle, derive from serbian signs of statehood.
    Please Genti, do not humiliate yourself with nonsense like that..you're just publicly making a fool of yourself.
    (Jovan, 13 December 2018 22:00)

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  3. Why don’t they talk to God and see if that works?

    It won’t.
    (Bloke, 3 December 2018 16:18)

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  4. The Church of the Devil has spoken again, denying Kosovo's existence and calling for Serbia to go to war to invade it.

    Since the church is such a fan of history and cultural heritage, how about you recognize that 90% of the churches in Kosovo were built centuries before Serbs set foot in Kosovo?! They were built centuries before Serbs even knew what Christianity was!
    Why don't you tell your people who built the original churches and protected them from Serbo-Avar raids for centuries? The church has a duty to tell the truth, instead the church of the devil wants to make its people believe they invented Christianity and they invented Byzantine architecture in Dardania.
    (Genti, 11 November 2018 15:39)

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