1. Foca,

    You and your ideas are a cancer.

    Read some history and learn from it.

    The world knows who the aggressors have historically been, and not only to Serbs.

    Live in your fake dreamland.
    OR, if you prefer, there is a country that should welcome you. It is called Albania.
    (Betsy Lalich, 6 June 2023 00:51)

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  2. Let’s get one thing straight Kosovo will never be Serbian just like Bosnia. We all know that the Serbs were the cancer of the old YU. It’s taken 30+ years to eradicate that cancer from areas of the old YU. The Albanians have had enough of the Serbs not wanting to respect the laws of the Republic of Kosovo. It’s just a matter of time where the Serbs will have to comply or leave… there is no other option. It makes me laugh how Vucic keeps saying that the Serbian army has been placed on full combat readiness.. What are you waiting for Vucic ? You scared that under your leadership your army will get its butts kicked just like in the 90’s.
    (Foca, 5 June 2023 09:51)

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  3. excellent. this always reduced tension in Northern Ireland. Berets on, flak jackets off
    (jjharston, 2 June 2023 16:03)

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  4. I read that the socalled ´leader´of the k-albanians started whining when he heard that the US blocked them from the NATO "Defender 23" training excercise.

    These guys have no dignity and can only bark when they have the support of a greater power.
    But as soon as they get a slap on their fingers, they start whining about it being "hurtful, unfair and not right"

    my dear k-albanian friends, the window is closing, you tried it but it failed.
    Serbia will liberate Kosovo. It´s just a question of time.
    (jovan, 2 June 2023 11:39)

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