1. Why don't we just be clear ?

    The Kosovo Albanian leadership wants to destroy anything Serbian. They also want to destroy anything Christian, which includes Croatians.

    And the Roma people ?
    Forget it ! They are so terribly treated, especially under this Albanian rule.

    Any Croat or Roma would happily choose Serbs, over the criminal gangs, which are simply directly STILL run by KLA forces.
    It is clear as a bell !
    (Betsy Lalich, 6 June 2023 01:04)

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  2. first point should be the arrest of all criminals involved in criminal acts in this protest. banning any serb politician involved in this criminal protest from running for public office
    allowing kfor to issue and execute arrest warrants against serb nationals who were involved in kosovo incidents, and dislocation of kosovo military with serbia. after this we can talk elections
    (jwalsh@icloud.net, 2 June 2023 18:20)

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  3. Goes back to what Prime Minister Kurti has been saying what should happen.

    Well done Kurti, you have shown serbia how to achieve peaceful solution.
    (Guest, 2 June 2023 16:25)

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