Vučić: "Additional 100 euros for young people"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that young people will receive additional 100 euros by Vidovdan.


Tonight, being hosted on TV Happy, President Vucic said that this time the aid will be paid for young people between 16 and 30 years of age.

"I just finished the meeting with the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister. We will offer new aid package to young people, they can count on at least 100 euros until Vidovdan, we will not do that before the election," President pointed out.

As he pointed out, the state hereby shows that, at the time of the coronavirus and the great energy and inflation crisis in the whole world, it can encourage additional consumption, and even investments.

"Thus, we can raise our economic growth to an even higher level," President added.

Serbia is negotiating with 92 investors; "In the mandate of the new government, an average salary up to 1.000 euros"

As he stated, Serbia is currently negotiating with 92 investors, and the total value of those investments is 7.3 billion euros and includes over 35.000 jobs.

"We lack different occupational profiles, especially craftsmen, drivers, etc., and they will still be missing. We must continue through successful years of attracting foreign investments, but also strengthen domestic investments," Vucic pointed out.

He added that the doctors will start returning to Serbia, and that some are already returning - even the most distinguished ones. "We are trying to find a way as to how to bring masters and craftsmen back to the country. Salaries will grow in our country much faster than in Canada, America, Slovenia, Germany... It is a question of the moment when we will be able to bring them back to Serbia," said Vucic.

He stated that he believes that the mandate of the new government will reach an average salary of 1.000 euros, and that pensions must be 500 euros by the end of the mandate.

"The only thing that can disturb us in that is the great world crisis, I believe that the Russians and the Americans will find a solution. Today we gave an order to provide all our reserves, 6 main food products," the president pointed out. As for the opposition's announcement that the salaries of specialist doctors will be 1.000 euros, Vučić says that the salaries of doctors are already that high.

"It was 620, and now it is 1.020 euros. There are 1.548 employees in the red zones. The nurse had a salary of 282 euros in 2011, and now it has been increased by 85%," the president pointed out, adding that the average salary increase at the Serbian level from 2011, is 83 percent.

"Serbia has the lowest electricity prices in all of Europe"

He also reminded that Serbia has the lowest electricity prices in the whole of Europe. "We subsidize it to some extent, thus helping the poorest."

"We are procuring additional quantities of gasoline and diesel. We are filling it all now and we need to provide money for all that. The prices of fertilizers have skyrocketed because Russia said there are no exports and we are now looking at where to import, from Iran or some other countries. We must have everything", said Vučić, reminding that people did not feel the energy crisis because no house was left without heating.

"When China started buying everything, we should have started. But others didn't even start and we have an advantage over them."

About Chinese investments

Vučić said that some want to drive Chinese investments out of Serbia.

"Do you want to drive out the Chinese? Tell people that we will be left without the two largest exporters from Serbia, that it is in vain that Linglong Tire is investing 800 million euros in Zrenjanin," Vucic said.

About investing in ecology

"This year, we are investing 20 times more than decades ago. To slowly start cleaning Serbia, to switch to gas, to work on wastewater treatment plants. That is worth over five billion euros," the president said.

As for lithium and environmental movements, Vučić said that Serbia will never be underdeveloped again, but that some think that Serbia must never make high profits. "All this has nothing to do with the fight for the environment and clean air," said Vucic.

"Just ask the question - why does Rockefeller pay some of those associations? Because they love Serbia? Do you think anyone believes in that?", he concluded.

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