Only Pristina saves Serbs in Brussels?

Only Albanians from Kosovo can save Serbia in negotiations with Pristina, because they only know that they will do nothing, says lawyer Goran Petronijevic.

Source: Sputnik

Petronijevic believes that this is our chance after another round of failed negotiations between President Aleksandar Vucic and President of the Interim Institutions of Pristina Albin Kurti in Brussels.

According to Sputnik's interlocutor, the goal of the Pristina delegation is to simulate an incident that will definitely interrupt the negotiations, and then accuse the Serbs of that. Therefore, Petronijevic adds, Belgrade should constantly take care not to fall prey to provocations, because maintaining this, ad hoc situation that lasts, suits Serbia.

"The negotiations got an almost schizophrenic situation, as the Brussels is not in charge, but Washington. I will remind you that before the elections in America, we talked about the fact that if Joe Biden wins, we will be under greater pressure, because we will not have different views from Brussels and Washington, which has benefited us so far. After the victory, however, the Democrats realized that they could not stand where they left off, because the influence of the United States in the world declined and they were forced to change tactics," said our interlocutor.

Instability suits the West

At the last meeting, the president of the interim Pristina institutions, Albin Kurti, accused Serbia of committing three genocides against Albanians since 1878, but lawyer Petronijevic asked a meaningful question - what to say about that when Albanians committed so many persecutions and pogroms, let alone discuss their cooperation with Nazi Germany.

"This is just a trick by which Kurti is trying to strengthen his internal political position ahead of the elections in the so-called Kosovo. On the other hand, he wants to take the opportunity to show that he is angry with Serbs and let everyone know that he cannot talk to them when they allegedly committed all these genocides", he added.

However, Petronijevic added, it can be an integral part of the strategy of Kurti's bosses, and our interlocutor is convinced that a completely different story would be if we talked to the Albanians one on one, without great powers in the role of mediator.

"It would be the same with Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as with Croats, but the U.S. or globalist-neoliberal factor does not allow these problems to be solved in the Balkans. Instability suits them, not a solution that will eliminate the possibility of opening up new conflicts" , the interlocutor of that portal believes.

Accusations against Serbs for genocide are in favor of Germany

To accuse Serbs of being a genocidal people is in the interest of both global and regional powers, which should justify their three illegal participations in the conflicts in the Balkans - the bombing of Republika Srpska in 1994 and 1995 and Kosovo and Metohija in 1999, says Petronijevic.

He adds that these were three illegal criminal acts that need to be justified, and that is a serious motive.

"Accusations against Serbs for genocide are in favor of Germany, because plans were made twenty years ago to replace the leading power in the European Union. Instead of Great Britain being replaced by France as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a victorious country in two big wars, Germany was projected to take up that role. It was precisely because of its history that another culprit had to be found for all the atrocities," the lawyer is convinced.


Vučić - Kurti 3:0

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