Vučić: That's enough; What's next? VIDEO

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić spoke after a meeting with European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy Olivér Várhelyi.

Source: B92, M.D.

"I had an open conversation with a sincere friend like Oliver Várhelyi. We always showed respect for every kind of support we received from our European partners. I am also happy because of the framework agreement on financial support, we specifically talked about support in the field of energy," Vučić said at the beginning of the address.

"We talked about the most important topics," he added.


Vučić added that he also talked with Várhelyi about topics related to energy, as well as the construction of the Belgrade-Nis railway.

"What is also important is that we talked about the rule of law. I believe that the European Commission will appreciate all the changes and support them, and I believe that we can progress even faster in that area. We also talked about all foreign policy topics. He made remarks to me about aligning Serbian foreign policy with the European one. No one can pass through the territory of Serbia by circumventing sanctions, because we do not deal with crime or making money from war. I spoke and I informed Várhelyi about our view of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija and to tell everyone. I am not crazy, neither drunk, nor silly, but I pointed out everything that happened since the beginning of the year and how every kind of possibility for a normal agreement with the Pristina side was gradually collapsing," he emphasized.

"I meant everything I said about Kurti"


"I meant everything I said about Kurti. In January, we had a referendum on whether Serbia wanted to have an independent judiciary. Then we were told from Pristina that we could not go to the referendum, which had never happened before. The situation in Kosovo is reaching boiling point, because the Serbs were humiliated twice," added Vučić.

"You have the right to introduce whoever you want into the government, but my question is that they are deceiving the whole world that they are representatives of the Serbs. You are directly destroying all democratic principles. What is next? We received the answer that it is enough from both sides. Both sides? But we didn't do anything. For nine months they accuse us of attacking someone in the region and for nine months it is clear that they lied and there is no apology," said Vučić.

President of Serbia referred to the importance of holding the summit in Tirana.

"Várhelyi told me that people from the EU think it is very important for Serbia to be represented at the summit in Tirana, and I said that after this I don't see the point. Brnabić thinks it is important for me to be in Tirana. I am ready to discuss that too, it's not a question of my vanity. I don't have a problem reversing the decision if I see there is some chance and sense to say something. Anna's position is that it's better to be present. My question is just what's next?" he added.

"The situation in Kosovo and Metohija is boiling over. People will no longer endure Kurti's terror. If this was the way to hear me, at least I did one good thing for my people and my country. I told the truth," Vučić concluded.

Várhelyi: "Serbia can count on the European Union"


After the President of Serbia, Oliver Várhelyi also spoke.

"We see great geopolitical destabilization on our continent. The enlargement process is one of the three main priorities of EU leaders. That is also the reason why we have the summit in Tirana. We need Serbia to be at the table. The only long-term solution is EU membership. We have three countries that decided to apply for membership right after the Russian aggression. In order to realize all that, we have to work together," Várhelyi said.

"I hope that we will have a roaming agreement signed in Tirana. All people will benefit from it," he stressed.

Várhelyi then spoke about the suppression of illegal migration and EU projects in the fight against smugglers.

"We also discussed the next steps in the accession process. Last year we saw significant progress, and now we need to implement those reforms. We need clear messages and clear steps from Belgrade regarding the media, but I cannot hide the fact that Russia's war in Ukraine affects the accession process. Alignment with the EU's foreign policy has a more important role, because Europe is also attacked by this war. We need Serbia to help us. We see a strong ally in Serbia, and that's why we need it to be on our side," he explained.

He added that this year was a year of great challenges and that the EU will continue to support Serbia.

"Serbia can count on the European Union," Várhelyi concluded.


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