Vučić: Kurti performed a trick yesterday; He knew that Serbia could not sign it

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the public after talks in Brussels with European officials about Kosovo and Metohija.

Source: B92

He referred to the meetings in Brussels and said that the Prime Minister of Pristina institutions, Albin Kurti, performed a trick, which he believes will not happen again.

"It is a kind of quadrature of a circle, a vicious circle from which it will not be easy to get out," said Vučić at the beginning.

"Kurti did a good but short-term trick yesterday. He tried it before, but yesterday was the last time he did it because I don't think it can work anymore," he said and continued:

"For the first time, he had meetings with representatives of the European powers and presented to them the idea of signing all three documents."

"It was clear to him that Serbia could not sign it. But he knows that the leaders of European countries do not know every detail. And so he tried to sell a trick. He knows that I will not go below the limits of the RS Constitution. It was a trick to buy time and get a few more days," said Vučić.

"He thinks that this is an opportunity, an ideal opportunity, to use and buy time, to continue harassing and persecuting the Serbs. As for the direct or indirect recognition of Kosovo's independence, and as for the territorial integrity of Kosovo, I think this is an opportunity for people in Europe and the world to see that they will no longer be able to pretend not to see," said Vučić.

About measures against Serbia

"There were attempts by some from our environment to talk about measures against Serbia and to characterize the act in Banjska as terrorist, but that could not pass at the European Council. I am grateful to everyone who protected international law and regional stability and thus helped our position. I think that Serbia's position in the coming period will continue to strengthen after the terrible months behind us," said Vučić.

"Kurti accused me of not signing. At least some people understood what it was all about and what Kurti's trick was," he added. "I want to tell the citizens of Serbia, despite the fact that it was a difficult day, they can still sleep peacefully. Because we will continue to work in their best interest and in the interest of the people of Kosovo and Metohija," said Vučić.

"For us, the European Union is a key partner, the most important, and that's why I believe that we will continue our cooperation. Despite what some hoped, not only from our environment, but also within the country, which is a shame, who worked to ensure that Serbia was punished. I am fighting for the citizens of Serbia to be free, to see the future, not sanctions and punishment," he said.

Vučić also spoke about the upcoming elections, about expectations, about the opposition and election conditions.

About the big visit to Serbia

"In the next few days, I expect a big visit from the EU. When I say at the highest level, it is clear to you who is coming to Serbia. For us, the European Union is a key partner, the most important, and that is why I believe that we will continue cooperation. Despite the fact that some hoped, not only from our environment, but also within the country, which is a shame, who worked to ensure that Serbia was punished," he said.

President of Serbia also spoke about economic topics. Namely, he addressed the pensioners with good news.

About incidents involving migrants

"I told Minister Gašić: either you will do the things you have to do, or you will step aside and let us do it. Tell me if you are capable or not, if you are not, I will make a decision and they will never think of using the territory of Serbia for such things," said Vučić.

Message to citizens: Don't worry, you have a secure future

"It is important not to stop the path of progress, it is important that Serbia does not stop on that path," he said and addressed the citizens of Serbia: "I would tell people not to worry, that they have a secure future. That we behave diligently in power because we care about what we will be able to say in 30, 40 years that we have done for our country."


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