At least 11 dead in shooting in Cetinje; children among casualties VIDEO/PHOTO

Number of victims of the Cetinje massacre, committed by Vučko Borilović, increases hour by hour. At least 11 people killed, including children, media reported.

Source: Novosti, Kurir

At least ten people were wounded in the shooting. Four people were transferred to the Clinical Center of Montenegro, among them a policeman who was shot in the head by Borilović.

The police killed the attacker Vučko Borilović (34). Borilović was born on November 21, 1988 in Cetinje, where he finished elementary school. He attended high school for ship mechanics in Belgrade. He was married and the father of three children, reports Novosti.

The tragedy happened because of unresolved conflict, the media reports.

Vuk Borilović (34), allegedly killed his entire family, and then went out into the street and shot people randomly. "We're all still in shock, I can't believe what he did. I heard that debt was the reason for this gruesome massacre. He wasn't on good terms with his neighbors, he killed them, but why his innocent wife and children," visibly shaken relative of the killer said.

It is not known whether the attacker committed suicide after the crime or was killed by the police. Borilović prevented the ambulance from approaching the injured. Around 4:00 p.m., he fired a firearm at his fellow citizens behind the Government House building. The cause of the crime is a family conflict.

This is the biggest tragedy in the recent history of Montenegro.

"He didn't look who he was shooting at"

The editors of "Kurir" got in touch with a man from Cetinje, who described how this terrible accident unfolded.

"Vučko shot his wife, and then he went out into the street and went after the children, the elderly women, he didn't look at who he was shooting at...He even killed my friend, a car mechanic who happened to come across him on the street," says this Cetinje resident.

He then added that he believed that Borilović experienced a nervous breakdown.

"His eyes went dark, he did it in some sort of nervous breakdown. Even the oldest Cetinje residents don't remember something like this. There are maybe 200 houses in Medovina, and he literally shot indiscriminately at people who happened to be in front of their homes, on the street", said this eyewitness.

As the interlocutor reveals, Borilović previously worked as a waiter in Lovćen National Park.

"He was a hunter, and it is said that he killed people with a hunting rifle. He had weapons. It is very hard for us, we cannot believe that he did this," the eyewitness concluded.


"Rubbish, full rubbish!"

High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, commented for the Bosnian media his recent stormy reaction at the press conference in Goražde.

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