After 12 hours, decision is made: Abazovic's Government toppled by no-confidence vote

Dritan Abazović's government collapsed after a day-long discussion in the Assembly of Montenegro, as 50 MPs voted for its removal.

Source: B92

The administration led by the leader of the green movement URA, Dritan Abazovic, became the government with the shortest period in power in Montenegrin political history – it only came to office in April.

The government was ousted by the votes of 50 MPs in the 81-seat parliament.

A total of 51 MPs voted, 50 were in favor of no-confidence vote in the government, and one was against.

By the way, the motion for a no-confidence vote was submitted by 36 MPs of the DPS, Social Democratic Party, Liberal Party, Social Democrats and the Democratic Union of Albanians just a few hours after Abazović signed the Fundamental Agreement with the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Porfirije.

In addition to DF MPs, the proposal was submitted by the Movement for Change, Democrats, Demos, True Montenegro and United Montenegro.

Initiative for a Government reshuffle drafted

Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

Abazovic had previously said that if there wasn’t a vote of no confidence in his government, he would immediately begin its reconstruction and that there would be no place for the DPS and SDP, his current partners.

Prior to no-confidence vote, Montenegrin Prime Minster Dritan Abazovic said that an initiative for a reshuffle of the Montenegrin Government was drafted.

The Government reshuffle is to be based on the following principles:

“Fight against crime and corruption; reforms and election preparation; joint solution regarding appointments in the judiciary; the Government remains committed to the European course and regional cooperation; readiness is voiced to put a moratorium on all identity issues dividing the society,” said Abazovic.

He explained that a reshuffle implies the participation of all political actors in the Government except for those who submitted the motion for a no-confidence vote in the Government.


"Rubbish, full rubbish!"

High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, commented for the Bosnian media his recent stormy reaction at the press conference in Goražde.

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