Retired police officer uses hand grenade to commit suicide

A retired police officer from the town of Becej used a hand grenade to commit suicide in his family home on Tuesday night, B92 has learned unofficially..

Source: B92

The body was discovered by his daughter, who is also a police officer, working at the Novi Sad Police Directorate.

Unofficially, the man, whose initials are, D. R., laid on top of the device before activating it.

D. R. retired six months ago and, according to information B92 has obtained, his suicide is not work-related, but has to do with problems within his family.

It is not known how D. R. came to possess the hand grenade.

Police officers with whom B92 spoke with unofficially appealed in favor of urgent work on psychological prevention among police officers, considering their stressful and risky profession.


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