It will be chaotic again; Brnabić announced: Until noon, numbers worse than yesterday

Prime Minister of Serbia stated that, by 12 o'clock, there are more newly infected people in Serbia today than yesterday. The same goes for the number of dead.

Source: B92
Printskrin: TV B92/ arhiva
Printskrin: TV B92/ arhiva

Serbia is under growing pressure day by day, and even today the number of infected, according to the data collected at noon, is higher than yesterday. Also, the number of deaths from coronavirus today will be higher than yesterday, Ana Brnabić said.

This means that the number of newly infected will be around 8.000.

Brnabić appealed to the citizens to adhere to all measures adopted by the Government of Serbia.

"The whole country is in a difficult situation. I call on everyone to understand this fight as a fight of every individual for the whole society, please respect the measures, to help health workers," Brnabic told reporters after signing a contract with the contractor for reconstruction and construction of Clinical Center of Vojvodina.

The Crisis Staff will hold a press conference at 3 pm.


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