Chaos in Belgrade: Reports of bomb threats in schools

This morning, reports of bomb threats arrived in several Belgrade schools.

Source: Novosti
U OŠ &Gavrilo Princip& Foto: B92
U OŠ "Gavrilo Princip" Foto: B92

Competent bodies have been notified and specialized teams are to be conducted searches.

The report on the bomb has arrived at the elementary school "Vladimir Rolović" in Vidikovac, "Novosti" writes. Also, parents whose children go to the elementary school "Ivo Andrić" on Kanarevo Brdo received a message not to send their children to school because a report of a bomb threat has arrived, Belgrade media report.

"Due to the report of a bomb planted at the school, please inform children and parents that the first shift cannot have classes until the Ministry of Interior conveys security checks. Please all follow the notifications and emails to keep up to date", it is stated in the notice of the elementary school "Vladimir Rolović".

As it turns out, the report of the bomb also reached the "Drinka Pavlović" school. Parents were informed that the children could not go to school due to the report of the explosion, until the police completed the security check.

Reports arrived at the "Kralj Petar Drugi Karadjordjević" primary schools in Marulićeva Street, "Vladimir Rolović", "Djura Jakšić", "Danilo Kiš", "Sveti Sava" and "Drinka Pavlović", "Sonja Marinković" in Zemun, as well as "Josif Pančić" on Banovo brdo, and in several other schools in New Belgrade and Zemun, according to RTS.

Classes have not even started, and the children who are arriving are returning home.

As B92 has learned, a similar notification arrived at the ballet high school. "We have received a report of a bomb, please inform your students not to come, the same goes for the employees," reads the message from this school.

According to our reporter, the situation is the same in the elementary school "Gavrilo Princip" in Zemun. "Children are running in the yard and in front of the school, because of the report," says our source.

The message to the parents arrived this morning before 7 o'clock.

In addition to several Belgrade primary schools, the report of the bomb reached the Third and Fifth Gymnasiums this morning, as well as the First School of Economics.

We are transmitting the contents of the e-mail about the planted bombs that the schools received in full: "Strange feeling of calm as if we are waiting for a normal day, the same routine as always. We hate ourselves, but we want to hurt everyone who gets in our way. The feeling that everything around us is just a dream does not leave us. We see no reason to write anything else. In the end, we can say that we are not the first and far from the last".



Bomb alert: "Don't send children to school"

Schools in Novi Sad, Nis, Ruma, Indjija were targeted by cyber attacks early this morning. Several of them received threats of bombs being planted.

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