New reports of bombs arrive - Beogradjanka, Nis airport...

After the report about the bomb arrived in 97 Belgrade schools this morning, the same report arrived to Beogradjanka.

Source: B92, Novosti
Foto: shutterstock/ ToskanaINC
Foto: shutterstock/ ToskanaINC

As can be seen in the video published on the Instagram page of Serbia live Belgrade, the workers of Beogradjanka are in front of the building.

According to unofficial information, after the Belgrade schools, the bomb was allegedly reported at the Nis airport...

Police, firefighters and ambulance are at the Constantine the Great Airport in Nis due to the report that a bomb was planted at this airport.

As we find out, the airport premises are being checked, but for now there is no information on whether flights will be delayed.


Bomb alert: "Don't send children to school"

Schools in Novi Sad, Nis, Ruma, Indjija were targeted by cyber attacks early this morning. Several of them received threats of bombs being planted.

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