Divers: These are the details of the tragedy on Ada

Two boys drowned in Sava Lake on Ada, and Commander Marko Mladenović from the Gendarmerie Diving Unit said that they jumped from a pontoon.

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Shutterstock/AstroStar
Foto: Shutterstock/AstroStar

The boys who drowned in Lake Sava were students of the Traffic School in Zemun and the "Lola" Technical School in Železnik, and it is assumed that they were celebrating the end of the school year at Ada Ciganlija.

"They were at the place where the kayakers have their training. They were jumping from a pontoon there," Mladenović told RTS, adding that the team on duty went to the field as soon as they received the call and that the bodies were quickly pulled out.

He reminded that the swimming season has not started, even in those places that are intended for swimming during the summer.

He pointed out that it is not known whether the young men were under the influence of alcohol.

Mladenović stated that the Ministry of the Interior uses every opportunity to appeal through the media and social networks to all citizens to pay attention to children near the water and not to use unorganized swimming pools.

"We appeal to the owners of rafts and floating objects on rivers to take care of safety, to use protective vests and not to enter the water in an alcoholic state," noted Mladenović.

He pointed out that one should never jump into the water and help a drowning person.

"The message is to never enter the water, because in those situations when someone is fighting for their life, they tend to pull the other person under the water with them. Our recommendation is to either call for help or provide a solid object or a rope to which the person can either drag himself to the shore, but never enter the water after the person who is drowning," Mladenović explained.


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