What exactly happened on Ada? The graduates jumped into the water, and then... VIDEO

What happened on Tuesday on Ada when two boys drowned? This is a question that arises after the great tragedy in Belgrade.

Source: B92
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

The commander of the diving platoon in the Diving Unit of the Gendarmerie, Marko Mladenović, told TV Prva that security responded immediately after it was noticed that the graduates had jumped into the water, but that, unfortunately, there was no rescue for two of them.

He explained that the group of high school graduates who jumped into the water was spotted through video surveillance.

"Between two and a half and three thousand high school graduates were on Ada that day. They were celebrating on the entire territory of Ada, some of them unfortunately entered the water of Lake Sava. Our security on duty acted preventively throughout the day and kept those children away from the water. The same happened in this case as well, around 5:20 p.m. our security guard who works at the Ada Ciganlija Video Surveillance Center noticed a large group of high school graduates, around thirty of them, who entered the water by jumping from the kayak pontoons. He immediately informed our security workers who came to the scene. They removed the children from the water as a precaution, then it was reported that two of them were missing and unfortunately we know the epilogue of the whole case," said Marko Mladenović, commander of the diving platoon in the Diving Unit of the Gendarmerie.

As Mladenović explained, although there was no rescue service because the bathing season was not open, their security was present on Ada and in greater numbers than is usually the case.

"That day, there was no rescue service on Ada, considering that the swimming pool was not officially open because the water temperature was only 16 degrees, as opposed to 22 degrees, which are acceptable for a safe stay in the water. On that day, since we knew that it marked the end school year, we expected increased attendance, so we increased the security in relation to some of our daily, regular duties", said Mladenovic.

He said that in the area where the tragedy happened, swimming is prohibited even when the swimming season is open.

"That part where the children jumped into the water, and when the swimming season is open, is not intended for swimming and there is no lifeguard service because there are signs prohibiting swimming because that part is extremely dangerous. By jumping from those pontoons, you automatically enter the depth that is somewhere between four and five meters. That part is intended exclusively for top athletes, where kayaks and rowing boats are put into the water, that part is not intended for swimming even when the swimming season is open," explained the commander of the Diving Service.

The funeral of two boys today

S. C. (16) and M.S. (16) who drowned on Ada Ciganlija on Tuesday will be buried today, the media reported.

By the way, the circumstances under which the tragedy occurred on Ada Ciganlija when M. S. (16) and S. Č. (16) drowned are being investigated, the autopsy of the body is awaited in order to determine the exact cause of death, and the friends who were present will be interrogated in the presence of the parents as eyewitnesses at the Higher Public Prosecutor\'s Office.


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