The Ministry of Interior issued a warning: Be ready to react immediately

The Ministry of the Interior sent a warning to more than 27 cities and local governments in Serbia.

Source: B92

The warning refers to possible crisis situations that could cause the predicted heavy rainfall.

"Based on the RHMZ\'s warning for the period from June 23 to 25 of this year for heavy downpours, thunder, the appearance of hail and a strong stormy northwest wind, and considering the floods from the previous period and the saturation of the soil with water, the Department for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of the Interior forwarded a warning to take preventive and operational measures in order to prevent and eliminate the consequences of weather disasters and protect people\'s lives, material and cultural assets, as well as preparedness for eventual confrontation with the risk of floods and the occurrence of flash floods and the possibility of emergency response," the Ministry of Interior states in the statement.

The warning to take preventive measures was forwarded through all 27 organizational units in Serbia, to mayors, presidents of municipalities as well as heads of administrative districts, as commanders of staffs for emergency situations.

"In order to be prepared for the possibility of dealing with the risk of floods and the occurrence of flash floods, it was indicated to ensure the possibility of immediate response, as well as to put the competent communal services and all other entities that are trained to respond in such situations on standby. Also, in cooperation with representatives of water management companies, competent inspection and utility services, it is necessary to evaluate the current state of the protective infrastructure on the rivers, with special attention to already identified critical locations and to the appearance of new critical places," the announcement states.


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