Ministry of Internal Affairs issued an urgent statement: We are ready...

Ministry of Internal Affairs addressed the public regarding the weather disasters our country is facing.

Source: B92
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

We are conveying the statement in its entirety.

"The Ministry of the Interior intensively monitors the development of weather disasters that have hit the countries in the region and in accordance with this, as well as with the forecasts of the RHMZ, takes all necessary measures in order to take preventive action to protect against the consequences of heavy rainfall, as well as to protect the population and their property.

Acting Assistant Minister and Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Unit, Luka Čaušić, forwarded an order to take preventive and operational measures, through all 27 organizational units in Serbia, to mayors, presidents of municipalities, as well as heads of administrative districts, all with the aim of preventing and eliminating the consequences of weather disasters and protecting people's lives, material and cultural assets," the Ministry stated in a press release.


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