Urgent appeal of the Ministry of the Interior; Due to everything that happened...

In just three days, from September 1 to 3, 2023, eight people died in traffic accidents in Serbia, while two people suffered serious injuries.

Source: B92

Only on Sunday, September 3, as many as five road passengers were killed, Ministry of Internal Affairs announced.

In a collision between a "Fiat Punto" vehicle, which was moving in the opposite direction, and a "Hyundai" on the Miloš Veliki highway in the territory of Surčin, one person was killed, while one person was seriously and one person slightly injured.

Due to the force of the impact, the "Fiat" caught fire and burned, and police officers are determining all the facts and circumstances related to this traffic accident.

Of the total number of traffic accidents from September 1 to 3, as many as three, including the accident on the Miloš Veliki highway, were caused by car drivers who crossed into the lane intended for the movement of vehicles from the opposite direction. Also, the most common cause of traffic accidents was inappropriate speed, after which drivers lost control of the vehicle and ran off the road.

"The traffic police administration will carry out actions of increased control aimed at detecting and sanctioning violations that most endanger traffic safety. We also appeal to all traffic participants to respect traffic regulations in order to save their lives and the lives of others," MIA stated in its press release.


Day of Mourning declared in Serbia

At today's extraordinary session, Government of the Republic of Serbia declared September 27, 2023 as the Day of Mourning due to the tragic events in Kosovo.

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