Karadzic filed a complaint to the President of the Residual Mechanism in The Hague

Radovan Karadzic filed a motion to the president of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals in The Hague to allow him to use video services

Source: Tanjug
EPA-EFE/Peter Dejong Pool
EPA-EFE/Peter Dejong Pool

First President of the Republic of Srpska, Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic, who awaits to be transferred to other prison to serve life sentence, asked the President of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals in The Hague to allow him to use an video link to talk to his family from prison.

Radovan Karadzic’s defense filed a motion, complaining that the court secretariat has not enabled the former Bosnian Serb political leader to make an online video calls, thus violating his right to family life, even though eleven years have passed since his imprisonment, while family visits are allowed only twice a year.

In the appeal, Karadzic's defense attorney Peter Robinson pointed out that he will spend several more months imprisoned in the Hague, until the court secretariat decides on where he will serve his life time sentence, reminding the chambers that he is 1.775 kilometers away from his family home in Pale.

In response to Karadzic’s previous requests for video calls, the secretariat said that a “pilot project” to use video services had encountered security, technical and organizational problems.

“Although it has had more than enough time, the secretariat has failed to apply the video communications technology at the Detention Unit of the United Nations, primarily due to the fact that this has become an issue of lower priority,” the motion said, urging the President of the Mechanism to reverse the Secretariat's decision, requesting the introduction of video calls from the Hague detention unit.

In its first-instance verdict on March 20, 2016, the Hague court sentenced Karadzic to 40 years in prison for genocide in Srebrenica, the crimes committed against humanity, violating laws and customs of war, while this verdict was reversed by the new one, sentencing Karadzic to life imprisonment.