New strong earthquakes, reports expected

A strong 5.3-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the sea near Crete and Kasos Island. Three earthquakes in half an hour in Turkey

Source: Tanjug

So far, there are no reports of possible damage or injuries, Greek agency ANA reported.

The quake was registered just before midnight, at a depth of 27 kilometers. The epicenter was recorded 75 kilometers east of Agios Nikolaos, or 377 kilometers southeast of Athens.

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Crete on November 27th.

Three moderate earthquakes also shook Turkey, with an interval of only half an hour. The first earthquake of 4.8 degrees Richter was recorded last night at 11.14 pm local time, 127 kilometers southwest of Bursa.

Ten minutes later in the same area, another quake of 4.5-magnitude followed.

The third earthquake, amounting to 4.4 degrees on Richter scale, was registered 30 minutes after the first, as MIA reported.

A series of subsequent earthquakes of three degrees were then recorded.

Just before midnight, a strong 5.3-magnitude earthquake was recorded near the Greek islands of Crete and Kasos.


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