"Noah's Ark" – Putin's secret plan

Former Putin aide Abbas Gallyamov claims that the Russian president and his closest allies already have an escape plan.

Source: index.hr

This escape plan would be carried out if things went wrong for them.

Gallyamov, who wrote Putin's speeches, made the claims on his Telegram channel yesterday, citing an anonymous source he said had inside information.

The preparation of the evacuation plan allegedly began in the spring, and the whole operation was unofficially called "Noah's Ark".

"As the name suggests, it is a search for a new country to which he would flee in case the situation at home becomes uncomfortable for him. Putin's associates have not ruled out the possibility of him losing the war, being removed from power and then urgently evacuated," Gallyamov wrote.

Gallyamov said that initially the evacuation plan to China was considered, but later it was abandoned due to the fear that the chances of cooperation with the Chinese are small, especially since they "despise losers". Therefore, Argentina and Venezuela began to be considered as potential options, and Putin's ally Igor Sechin was put in charge of overseeing the evacuation plan in Venezuela.

"The evacuation plan shows that not everything is going according to plan"

Proof that the implementation of the plan is far advanced is the fact that Sechin "officially resigned" from the oil giant Rosneft, so that he could devote himself fully to the preparation of the evacuation plan, adds Gallyamov. Telegram channel Mozhemo Obyasnit also reported that high-ranking Russian officials have begun buying real estate and working to obtain residency permits in Venezuela.

A source was quoted as saying that Russian officials were buying property on Venezuela's Margarita Island, assuming they would be safe from extradition there. "Margarita Island in Venezuela is their local Courchevel," the source said, comparing the Kremlin's potential hideout to a famous ski resort in the French Alps.


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