Putin to deploy "Satan"

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia's infamous "Satan II" missiles will be used in Ukraine in the near future.

Source: Vecernji list

Last night, during a speech at a ceremony marking the end of military training in the Kremlin, he warned that "the special operation in Ukraine gave the Russian army invaluable experience." "Satan II", originally named "Sarmat", can carry up to 16 nuclear warheads and has a range of 18,000 km.

Each of the missiles can be directed towards a different target, and the warheads have a power of up to 750 kilotons. For example, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a power of 15 kilotons, so it's 50 times weaker than a "Sarmatian" warhead.

It is a rocket that can reach Great Britain in just three minutes, Večernji list writes in the Daily Mail.

"In the nearest future, the 'Sarmat' will be put into combat duty, and the arsenals of the aviation and naval components of the strategic nuclear forces are being renewed," he said.

This is not the first time that Putin has announced the appointment of a "Sarmatian". He announced the same in the spring of 2022 when he announced their introduction to the war in Ukraine by the end of the year, but this did not happen, and some reports indicate that a test launch was held in February, which ended in failure.


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